“Big Sticky Mess’s funky energy is infectious: once you’ve gone to one of their shows, you get an itch for the next one. Lyrically funny, musically groovy, they’re a pillar of the Sacramento area funk scene. For anyone looking for a reason to dance, Big Sticky Mess is here for you.”
 DJ Tinker
KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis


“Big Sticky Mess is an honest-to-goodness funk band, James Brown trapped inside Davis.”
The Davis Enterprise (11/05/13)


“Fox & Goose loves the incredibly funky-fresh Big Sticky Mess. Do you like James Brown? Do you like Funkadelic? These ridiculous funkers will make you wiggle and giggle. BSM is wicky wicky awesome!!!”
Charles Cavendish, Booker for Fox and Goose in Sacramento, Ca


“A quality 3 piece funk band that knows how to fill a room with some nasty beats, a solid but fluid low end, and guitar and vocals that ride on top like cool whip on pumpkin pie. These guys love the art of performance and will bring it all night ling. They have no problem getting the room up to get down. Hell, they had people moving until they bled and left in an ambulance, thats no joke either.”
Mark Mitchell, Booker for The Torch Club in Sacramento, Ca